Australian Labradoodle Puppies For Sale

Australian Labradoodle Puppies for Sale

Please take a look at our upcoming Australian Labradoodle Puppies For Sale in 2017, sometimes we also have  older puppies available Older Labradoodle Puppies and Retired Labradoodle Dogs.      Puppy prices are $2000 for solids, $2500 for merle and parti.
Golden Xpress Labradoodles is Breeding Authentic Australian Labradoodles           

We ship our puppies safely across the US and to many international destinations.                                                                       

                                           Please view our Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale below:

Sugar and Capone pups.  They had  blue and chocolate merles, chocolate and blacks. Born March 18, they will be ready to go home May 13. They will be medium size (30 to 40 lbs) and have silky soft fleece coats.

                                                                         SUGARS AVAILABLE BOY

$2500  DOMINO is a kind little boy with a beautiful blue merle fleece coat. He will be medium size (30 to 40 lbs).

                                                        VIDEO OF AVAILABLE  Boys in Sugars litter


                                                                 SUGARS AVAILABLE  GIRLS

$2000 CHARM is a lovable little black female with a soft fleece coat.  She will be medium size (30 to 35 lbs).


$2500 COOKIE is a loving little girl with a soft loose curl fleece coat. She has a blue eye and she will be medium size (30 to 40 lbs).

                                                                       SUGAR GIRLS VIDEO



Marilyn & Yogi pups born March 26, 2016 , ready to go home May 21, 2017. The puppies will be Mini and small medium size 25 to 30 lbs.. Marilyn weighs 30 lbs, Yogi weighs 20 lbs. They will all have silky soft fleece coats. CONGRATULATION TO: Sellers family in Slovenia Europe (merle male), Haakenson-king family in WA. (chocolate male),  Hagardt family in OR. (black Male),  Rheaume family in WA. (merle female)

$2000.00 BUTTERCUP is a loving little girl with a soft loose curl fleece coat.  She will be medium size (25 to 30 ).



Spicey & Cooper pups arrived March 28. They will be ready to go home May 27, they will be mini to small medium in size 25 to 35 lbs and have very soft fleece coats.

$2500 Frosty is a chocolate merle male with white chest and a lovable personality.

$2500 Coco is a chocolate and white male, he has a full tuxedo and boy is he a charmer.  He is a very social and sweet.


$2500 Mocha is a chocolate merle girl with white on her chest and toes.  She is a big lover with a soft fleece coat.


$2500 Latte is a chocolate merle female. She has a curly fleece coat and she loves to snuggle.


$2000 Coffee is a chocolate male with white chest and a fleece coat.  He is very sweet and inquisitive.


Dandy & Skidaddle Born April 2, 2017.  These will be mini and small medium size with soft non shedding fleece coats .  Dandy is 20 lbs and Skidaddle is 30 lbs. They are ready to go home 5/27/17.  AVAILABLE PUPPIES are 1 apricot and white male,1  chocolate Merle boy, 1 black with white female and 1 blue Merle female.

$2000 SILKY is SOLD, she is a black with white miniature Australian Labradoodle   


$2000 Butter Ball  He is a fun loving little lap-a-doodle.  He will be a large mini with a loose curl fleece coat.


$2500 BUTLER He is a smooth little man and a lover-doodle with a comical personality. He is a mini with a silky soft fleece coat.

GiGi and Rocky puppies were born April 9th and will be ready to go home June 3, 2017.  They will be medium size, about 40 to 50 lbs. Some have curly fleece and some have loose fleece coats.

Congratulations: to the Cliff Family Arkansas   (apricot female), Swindells Family (blue merle female)

$2500 Hudson is a bright blue merle male. He has a curly fleece coat.

$2500 Rita is a curly fleece blue merle girl.  She is a curly little love bug.

$2000 Sissi is an apricot girl with a loose fleece coat and a white chest.

$2000 Gilda is solid apricot girl with a lovely loose fleece coat.



  Also take a look at our upcoming summer litters we have a few reservations left.  

To view more LABRADOODLE puppies go to Older Labradoodle Puppies and Retired Labradoodle Dogs website

Our Multi-Generational and Australian Labradoodle puppies are available for $2000 solid colors and all others are $2500. Why do we CHARGE LESS THAN OTHERS? Puppies will be held with a $500 per puppy deposit (non-refundable), which will be applied toward your purchase. We do not accept deposits prior to speaking with our families. If you would like to be considered please fill out our questionnaire, text us, email us or call us.

Puppy selections will be made in the order the deposits are received. You will be notified if there is a puppy that matches your wish list. If not, you will be first in line for the next litter. **ALL PUPPIES ARE CONSIDERED AVAILABLE FOR SALE UNTIL AN APPLICATION AND DEPOSIT HAVE BEEN RECEIVED. We work very hard to find the best fit for our puppy and your family. Occasionally we do not find the right match for your family in a current litter. If this happens, or you find the timing is not right to receive your new puppy, you will be moved to the next available litter. Each Australian Labradoodle puppy is sent home with the following:

  • 3 year health guarantee
  • Unlimited lifetime support
  • Puppy health records
  • Age appropriate de-worming
  • Age appropriate shots
  • Micro-chipped
  • 3 day supply of puppy food
  • Blanket filled with momma’s & siblings’ scents
  • Labradoodle development pamphlet
  • Grooming instructions & illustrations
  • Starter kit, collar, food and toys
  • 4 to 6 Generation Pedigree and registration supplied upon receipt of spay/neuter certificate

Your puppy will provide your family with years of love and laughter. Puppies are loved and adored in our home, and they are all well socialized with children, adults and all of our other animals until the day they leave our home. Our adult dogs are our pets as well as our best friends. We can get you started with a puppy who knows the basics of obedience and crate training! Learn more about the life of your puppy before they become your pet. All pet puppies must be spayed or neutered – WE CAN OFFER THIS SERVICE AT A DISCOUNT WITH ONE OF OUR VETERINARIANS AT BARCLAY HILLS ANIMAL HOSPITAL. WE SHIP OUR PUPPIES SAFELY ACROSS THE USA, CANADA AND OTHER INTERNATIONAL DESTINATIONS We abide by the code of ethics of the ALAA, IALA, MDBA and CKC. You can also visit us on Facebook

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