Labradoodle Guardianship in Oregon: Available Guardian Dogs and Puppies

We are committed to having every breeding dog living as a family pet in a home.  A Labradoodle Guardianship allows us to expand our breeding program and still have just a few dogs living as family members in our own home.

PLEASE CONTACT STACEY OR LISA FOR DETAILS: 503 853-6027 or 503-710-1265

We have some young pups coming available. Call for more details.

Shine 6 month old miniature blue merle female.

Simon 3 month old medium male.

Dancer pups born November 9th, 2017 and ready to go about mid January. We will select 1 female from this litter, she will be medium size.

Vixey pups born October 23 and will go home mid December. We will select 1 female from this litter.


Labradoodle Guardianship

Labradoodle Guardianship is basically having a loving family dog for its entire life that you share with us for breeding purposes. Females are usually bred 3 to 4 times between the ages of 2 and 6 years. Males are used more often but for shorter time periods and their breeding life can range from 10 months through 7 years. These dogs are beautiful, breeding quality dogs that will go through genetic testing to confirm excellence. The dog lives with its guardian family forever and there is no purchase price. A $500 deposit is required and if the puppy doesn’t qualify as a breeding dog the dog is yours for a pet price of 500.00.  Once the dog is done with their breeding contract the 500.00 will be refunded to guardian.

Sample Guardian Contract

We are offering an incentive to guardians of female breeding dogs of $500 bonus per litter. This bonus would be valid on litters of 3 or more pups and paid at the time the last pup of the litter goes home.

Guardian Responsibilities:

  • Guardians must have experience with dogs
  • Excellent pet ownership to include:
  • Regular professional grooming with a ‘Labradoodle’ type cut.
  • Regular vet visits to maintain recommended vaccination schedule.
  • Cost of recommended vaccines and other routine veterinary visits.
  • High quality pet food such as Purina
    Pro Plan or better.
  • Better than average obedience training.
  • Deposit that is refundable at the end of the dogs breeding career and we pay for de-sexing the dog.
  • Responsive communication with Golden Xpress:
  • Able to transport pet within 24 hours to meet owners at a designated Portland area locations.
  • *Typically arranged with much more than 24 hour notice.
  • Keep Golden Xpress updated on dog’s health and vet records, including female heat cycle.
  • Updated photos of dog a few times per year or as requested.

Golden Xpress Responsibilities:

  • Cost of all genetic testing (PennHip or OFA hip, OFA elbows, CERF exams) and breeding specific vet exams (ultrasound for pregnancy, progesterone test, artificial insemination, etc.)
  • Notify guardian of pets expected breeding schedule.
  • Cost of housing females during whelping and weaning of pups (approximately 8 weeks).

Please contact us if you are interested in being a guardian for one of our lovable Australian Labradoodles. Start by filling out our application and note ‘guardian’ in the notes section. Application

Questions about Labradoodle Guardianship? Call us!

Stacey | 503-853-6027              Available Tues.-Sat. 12 pm-7 pm
Lisa | 503 710-1265                   Available daily 8 am-5 pm

If you would like to have more information please Contact Golden Xpress Australian Labradoodles. You may also view our Puppies and Adults on YOU TUBE

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