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Labradoodle Breeder Puppies

If you would like to have more information on our UPCOMING BREEDING DOGS and PUPPIES please Contact Golden Xpress Australian Labradoodles.  Stacey 503 853-6027

 GOLDEN XPRESS’S JAZZY PILGRIM, he is super laid back with an easy going personality.  He has a silky soft non shedding dark apricot curly fleece coat.  He has bright green eyes and he carries the merle coloring.  He is out of Willow and Skidaddle he was  born Aug 11, 2019.  He is a large medium size and should mature st  (45 to 50 Lbs).  This beautiful dog has a perfect conformation and a willing disposition that makes him easy to train.  He is crate trained and doing well in our home.  I do not leave him unsupervised and he will need redirecting in his new home until his training is final.  He is a well socialized young puppy.   He will walk on a leash, come when called and he sits patiently.  He is very smart and eager to learn new things.  He has been socialized from day one, he loves everyone and gets along well with our other animals.  He will make a wonderful addition to any family.   He has been around children of all ages.   We will pay for more health testing if required.





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